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Pravind Jugnauth: My Wish For 2022 Is That We Continue To Live Together In Peace, Mutual Respect And Unity

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In his New Year’s address to the nation, the Prime Minister announced that this Monday, January 3, has been decided as such, because the 1st and 2nd of January are notably a Saturday and a Sunday. He also announced that more than 370,000 Mauritian families will receive subsidies of 5% to 10% on their electricity bills throughout the New Year, a measure that will be applicable from this month. The aim is to ease the financial burden of Mauritian households. The percentage will be calculated according to the average consumption of the families as well as the means they have.

These are undoubtedly the key announcements of Pravind Jugnauth on Saturday. He pointed out that 80% of Mauritians are concerned by this measure. This subsidy will be spread over one year. The Head of Government also recalled that the World Bank, ranked Mauritius 4th among the countries that have better helped its population, in this period of health crisis. The Head of Government also mentioned the opening of the borders which has restored confidence in the tourism sector. He also emphasized the fact that the country has been able to get out of the grey list of the FATF, then the black list of England and soon, the black list of the European Union. All this is a great encouragement for the financial sector, he says.

“Investors have regained confidence in our country. More than Rs 70 billion were invested in the country last year. All this has not been easy. But the government and the private sector have worked hand in hand, so that together the country and the people can move forward,” said Pravind Jugnauth in his address to the nation.

Addressing the issue of climate change, he argued that “We are an island and we are vulnerable. So the government wants to put more emphasis on recycling, use of electric vehicles and new techniques for sustainable agriculture. We should be proud, because we are a small country, with no natural resources and yet, we keep progressing. Our greatest wealth is our people. The government does its work as a team, but we could not have carried out our projects without the cooperation of the people,” he said.

“My wish for 2022 and in general for the country is that we continue to live together in peace, mutual respect and unity, because that is our strength. Without this, all progress and development will fall by the wayside. But together we will meet all the challenges.

During his message, Pravind Jugnauth also had a special thought for the sick, for the victims of Covid and their families, as well as those who live moments of loneliness. He also praised the work of the frontliners.

The Prime Minister also explained that “the government has at heart the welfare of the population, we have taken measures to preserve the purchasing power. Because the prices of imported products had risen, mainly in relation to the cost of production and freight. Therefore, last year, the government introduced price controls on several products. In addition, subsidies are applicable on 370 essential products and we will maintain them until June.”

The work done in 2021 does not stop here, with the collaboration of everyone, progress will continue, promised the head of government, who concluded his message by presenting his best wishes and those of his wife to all Mauritians, here and elsewhere, as well as to Rodriguans and Agaleans. It should be noted that before the end of 2022, the Metro will be operational in Curepipe. Then, we will look into its extension to Ebène, Réduit and Côte d’Or says the PM.

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