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Navin Ramgoolam’s Election Petition Struck Out

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This morning, Navin Ramgoolam’s election petition was struck out by the Supreme Court. This came after the former Prime Minister sent a letter to the court informing the judges that he is withdrawing his petition after three years.

Lawyers for the other parties have stated that they have no objection to this move by the former Prime Minister. However, they demanded that the legal costs be paid by the leader of the Labour Party. This request was accepted by Senior Puisne Judge Nirmala Devat and Judge Patrick Kam Sing. They also struck out Navin Ramgoolam’s election petition.

It should be recalled that Navin Ramgoolam was contesting the election of three elected members of the Alliance Morisien in constituency No. 10, that is Ministers Vikram Hurdoyal and Sunil Bholah and Deputy Speaker Zahid Nazurally. The three were also present in court this morning… as was Election Commissioner Irfan Rahman.

Ivan Collendavelloo, Senior Counsel, who represents the elected candidates at No. 10, was in court this morning. The MP and leader of the Liberating Movement declared : “The MMM and the PTr held this country hostage and made the population believe that the elections were rigged. We know that this has never been the case,” said the lawyer.

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