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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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Sunil Bholah

Navin Ramgoolam’s Election Petition Struck Out

This morning, Navin Ramgoolam's election petition was struck out by the Supreme Court. This came after the former Prime Minister sent a letter to...

Navin Ramgoolam Withdraws Election Petition

The Labour Party leader will withdraw his election petition calling for the invalidation of the election of the three Morisyen Alliance candidates in constituency...

Strengthened Indo-Mauritian Collaboration In Favour Of SMEs And Cooperatives

Three memoranda of understanding for SMEs and cooperatives were signed during Sunil Bholah's official visit to India from 21 to 27 August 2022. The Minister...

Parliament: Two Bills To Be Introduced On Tuesday

The Academy of Design and Innovation Bill and the Immigration Bill will be presented for second and third reading on Tuesday 19 July. These...

Opening Of The Debates By The Leader Of The Opposition Followed By Minister Bholah

The leader of the opposition kicked off the budget debates this morning. For his, it is a budget filled with "falsehoods, unspoken words and...

Fuel: 4 Hikes In 5 Months

The rumors have been confirmed at around 8pm on Wednesday 18 May. The increase in fuel prices is a reality and now costs 10%...
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