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Man Killed And Abandoned Under Bus Shelter In Wooton

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A macabre discovery was made this Monday, September 25, under a bus shelter in Wooton, Curepipe. The lifeless body of Saviren Manikon, a 32-year-old resident of cité Saint Jean, Quatre Bornes, was found there with multiple injuries. The police believe that the victim was murdered. All indications are that the victim was killed elsewhere before his body was transported to this location.

At around 6am on Monday morning, September 25, Saviren Manikon’s body was found lying on her back. A team of police officers from the Eau-Coulée police station was immediately alerted to the discovery. They were joined by elements of the Eau-Coulée Criminal Investigation Division (CID). Forensic technicians, men from the Forensci Science Laboratory (FSL), the police photographer and draughtsman were also present at the crime scene. After samples had been taken and clues collected from under the bus shelter, Saviren Manikon’s body was taken to the morgue at Victoria Hospital, Candos, for an autopsy.

Saviren Manikon
Saviren Manikon

The autopsy, carried out by Dr. Sudesh Kumar Gungadin, Head of the Police Forensic Department on the evening of Monday September 25, attributed the death to multiple injuries.

After viewing surveillance cameras on the road, several drivers who had crossed the road before the body of the 30-year-old was discovered were questioned by investigators. This exercise, however, yielded nothing to advance the investigation. The Central Division CID, led by Assistant Superintendent of Police Sailesh Kumar Omrawo, in charge of the CID, is working closely with the Field Intelligence Office team, in order to solve this case under the supervision of Assistant Commissioner of Police Soondereine Veeramalay, the divisional commander.

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