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Franklin Threatened With Sanctions For Contempt Of Court By Magistrate Shavina Jugnauth

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The hearing in the Port-Louis District Court came to a stormy end on Monday 25 September. As Franklin left the courtroom, after magistrate Shavina Jugnauth had indicated that his next court date was 24 October, he expressed his exasperation at being incarcerated. Franklin verbally attacked his lawyer, Yatin Varma, and the court.

“You are letting me down,” Franklin shouted at Yatin Varma. He was clearly furious that he had to wait until October 24 to return to court.

As Jean Hubert Célerine left the room, magistrate Shavina Jugnauth asked that he be called back. Franklin continued to speak. He stated that he is being punished for something he did not commit, insisted that he is innocent and claimed that his detention is unjust.

Magistrate Shavina Jugnauth was firm in her comments. She told the Black River resident that she deplored his attitude. She added that he had shown a lack of respect towards the court. The magistrate pointed out that any suspect must address the court through his lawyer.

Jean Hubert Célerine

Magistrate Shavina Jugnauth said that she would leave it at that this time, but that she would not hesitate for one second to punish him for contempt of court next time.

“I am the last person who is going to be intimidated by anyone,” concluded Shavina Jugnauth.

Extradition of Franklin

Case postponed: The case was adjourned by Chief Judge Rehana Mungly-Gulbul who announced that the date of the next appearance will be announced by circular.

On leaving the court, Franklin’s lawyer, Me Yatin Varma, said that a request would be made for the case to be heard as soon as possible.

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