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Louicinda Old : Very Nice Portraits !

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Louicinda Old is a painter. Her thing is the portraits and the abstract. While waiting to be able to exhibit her works one day, this Riambel resident lives from the sale of her paintings.

She learned drawing and painting in college. Then, for several years she never touched pencils and brushes again.

In 2019, she felt the urge to start painting again: “I felt that I had a talent deep inside of me, but that remained untapped. Overnight, I started painting again.”

Louicinda Old
The artist’s work.

Today, the artist tries as best he can to earn a living with his art: “It’s not always easy, but by word of mouth I manage to get commissions for portraits or abstract paintings.

Using mainly acrylic, the artist always makes a point of putting a lot of color in his creations: “I like bright colors. That’s why my work is so vivid.

Louicinda Old
Louicinda Old

And recently, Louicinda has been dreaming of having a solo exhibition: “I dream of being able to exhibit my paintings. I would be very happy and grateful if someone could help me to make this happen.

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