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Rafah Still Under Israeli Attack, 80,000 people Leave Southern Gaza City, Says UN

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According to the UN, more than 80,000 people have left the southern Gaza city of Rafah since Monday as Israeli tanks are allegedly massing near populated areas while being continuously bombarded.

Armed Palestinian factions declared their intention to target Israeli troops eastward. According to the Israeli military, “targeted activity” is being carried out in eastern Rafah by its ground forces.

The UN also issued a warning, stating that it was not getting supplies via the local borders, therefore food and fuel were running low.

At the beginning of their operation, Israeli troops grabbed control of the Rafah crossing with Egypt and closed it. Meanwhile, the UN declared that it was too risky for its personnel and trucks to travel to the newly reopened Kerem Shalom crossing with Israel.

It happened as US President Donald Trump threatened to cut off arms sales to Israel if it conducted a significant attack on “population centers” in Rafah. However, Israel’s prime minister rejected the threat. According to Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel could “stand alone” if need.

After seven months of fighting in Gaza, Israel has maintained that it cannot win unless it captures the city and destroys the final Hamas battalions.

However, the UN and Western countries have cautioned that an all-out assault might result in widespread civilian casualties and a humanitarian disaster, with more than a million displaced Palestinians seeking sanctuary there.

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