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TikTok To Label AI Generated Content

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In an effort to dispel false information, TikTok will start tagging artificial intelligence-generated content (AIGC) when it is uploaded from outside of its own platform.

In a prepared statement released on Thursday, the business stated, “AI enables incredible creative opportunities, but can confuse or mislead viewers if they don’t know content was AI-generated. Labeling helps make that context clear—which is why we label AIGC made with TikTok AI effects, and have required creators to label realistic AIGC for over a year.”

The policy change by TikTok is a part of a larger effort by the tech sector to offer additional protections for the use of AI. Meta declared in February that it was developing technological standards with industry partners to facilitate the identification of photos and, eventually, audio and video produced by artificial intelligence algorithms. AI-generated photographs would display labels for users on Facebook and Instagram.

Google announced last year that YouTube and its other services will soon support AI labels.

A drive for digital watermarking and content labeling generated by artificial intelligence was included in an executive order signed by US President Joe Biden in October.

TikTok will make use of the Content Credentials technology from the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity. According to the corporation, the technology allows for the attachment of metadata to material, which it can use to identify and categorize AI-generated content quickly. According to TikTok, the technology was first used on photos and videos on Thursday, and audio-only content will shortly follow.

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