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Grade 3 Child Beaten By Group Of Pupils

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A Grade 3 schoolboy, aged 8, was admitted for observation at the Hôpital du Nord after being beaten up by a group of pupils late in the afternoon of Wednesday 9 August. His mother reported the bullying to the Terre Rouge police station on the afternoon of Friday 11 August.

In her complaint to a policewoman from the family protection brigade assigned to Piton police station, the child’s mother, aged 29, explained that her son attends the Raffray parcelling government school in Terre Rouge. After school on 9 August, a grade 3 pupil, another grade 2 pupil and a group of schoolchildren pushed him and he fell on the grass. At that very moment, these pupils surrounded him before inflicting blows all over his body.

The little schoolboy, who was in pain, was taken to the northern hospital for treatment. He was subsequently admitted to the ward and placed under observation. He was keen to point out that for a week before he was attacked, these children had been constantly harassing him. He said he had reported the incidents to the schoolmaster, who had reprimanded the pupils, but this had not stopped them from ruining his life.

An investigation has been opened into the matter.  The victim said he was able to identify his attackers.

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