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In Sainte Croix: Neighbor Threatens To Report Him To Police

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A 32-year-old company manager living in the St. Croix area went to Abercrombie police station to report a verbal threat. The threat was allegedly made by his neighbor, who accused him of being the police informer in a theft case.

Shortly after 7 p.m., this man in his thirties went to the police to report a verbal threat. In his complaint, he said that at around 5.45pm on Tuesday April 16, his mother came to his house to inform him that she had been insulted by a woman concerning a theft that had been committed at the home of their neighbor, one of whose members is a member of the police force.

He immediately went to the neighbor’s home to inquire about the matter. The neighbor then told him that he had obtained information from the police that it was she and her mother who had informed the police about the theft. “mo pou… to pense to tro byen ar lapolis, mwa ek mo bann kousinpou vinn koup twa are sab”, said the neighbor.

A police investigation has been launched at the Abercrombie police station.

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