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In Roche Bois: Her Husband Tries To Run Her Over With A Car

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“To finn ressi sape yer. Mwa mo finn mett loto lor twa pou touy to mem mwa”. This is the confession allegedly made by a 22-year-old man on the phone to his wife on the afternoon of Wednesday April 17. On the evening of Tuesday April 16, the young woman was riding a motorcycle when a car almost ran her down at the Roche-Bois traffic circle. The car then gave chase.

In a statement made on the evening of Wednesday April 17, the 22-year-old woman, who lives in Cité La Cure, recounted her story. She began by recounting the history of her relationship with this man, to whom she has been married for three years.

Since March of that year, their relationship had been on the rocks, resulting in numerous disputes. Her husband then left the marital home to return to his parents in Saint Joseph, Terre-Rouge.

On the evening of Tuesday April 16th, at around 11.30 pm, she was riding a motorcycle with a friend in Roche-Bois.  Suddenly, a grey Honda car heading towards Sainte-Croix changed direction and crashed into her motorcycle. Panicked, she sped off towards rue Alfred Besnard to escape death.

On Wednesday April 17, at around 1.15pm, she received a phone call from her husband, who spoke of the previous day’s incident, saying: “to finn ressi sape yer. Mwa mo finn mett loto lor twa pou touy to mem mwa”.

An investigation into the case has been launched at the Roche-Bois police station.

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