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If Anything Happens To Me, It Will Be The PTr That Chooses The Candidate For Prime Minister, Says Navin Ramgoolam

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At a press conference this morning, Navin Ramgoolam spoke of the great success of the PTr-MMM-PMSD alliance congress at Mare d’Albert. Since then, he added, there has been panic within the government. According to him, the government is indulging in all sorts of unhealthy campaigns. One of them is to spread rumours that Paul Bérenger will be Prime Minister if anything happens to him. Navin Ramgoolam insisted that in such an eventuality, it would be the PTr that would decide on the choice of Prime Minister. “We will see these sorts of campaigns going on as we approach general elections. It’s clear there is panic”, Navin Ramgoolam said.

Paul Bérenger also confirms that in the event of victory, there will be a Labour Prime Minister for 5 years. He added that the MMM and the PMSD are in alliance with the PTr. He also denounced the “communal allegations” made by their opponents. He then stated that, for clarification, in the event of victory, it is a Labour Prime Minister who will lead the government for 5 years.

“I have repaid the loan I took out with the former Bramer Bank”, says Navin Ramgoolam

Navin Ramgoolam, who was alongside Paul Bérenger and Xavier-Luc Duval, returned to certain remarks made by Roshi Bhadain on a radio programme on Monday. The Reform Party leader had referred to a loan that the PTr leader had taken out with the former Bramer Bank. This Saturday, Navin Ramgoolam insisted that Roshi Bhadain’s allegations are unfounded. “I have repaid the loan in full to the liquidators”, he declared. Navin Ramgoolam added that he repaid the loan though notaries. “This means I do not owe a single penny right now,” he said.

“I am asking all Mauritians to rally behind our alliance!” This is the call Navin Ramgoolam made in a press conference this morning. He said that the PTr-MMM-PMSD alliance is becoming more and more popular. “Other alliances and parties stand no chance,” he said. Navin Ramgoolam also denounced the fake news government is propagating. “According to the last rumour, I am on renal dialysis,” he said. For Navin Ramgoolam, all sorts of communal campaigns would be going on. He asked his partisans not to allow provocations. “A political tsunami is approaching,” he said.

At a press conference this morning, Xavier-Luc Duval denounced what he described as the government’s takeover of the Dental Council and the Medical Council. He pointed out that he had already raised this possibility in his speech on the Finance Bill. But his fears have come true, he lamented. “The government has taken total control of the Dental Council and the Medical Council. There is a stranglehold”, he denounced. He explained that of the 14 members of the Dental Council, 9 are government representatives or will be appointed by the Minister. “So there is total hegemony,” he said. He added that the same would apply to the Medical Council. “Of the 23 members, 17 are controlled by the Minister of Health,” he said. Xavier-Luc Duval pointed out that these two councils are concerned not only with the registration of these professionals but also with sanctions. “When Jagutpal sends a file to these two bodies, he is in a way referring it to himself,” he quipped.

Also present at the press conference, Paul Berenger is of the opinion that reunion of Mare-D’Albert is a turning point, raising public awareness. This explains why the authority is doing everything to prevent the opposition from organizing their meeting. The leader of the MMM said that they will be very cautious regarding electoral fraud et manipulation of the internet. Each congress will be for 3 constituency.

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