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The Migrant: Shanbao Chen Tells The Arrival Of The First Chinese Immigrants In Mauritius

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During a visit to Mauritius, Chinese director Shanbao Chen took the opportunity to shoot a short film about the arrival of the first Chinese immigrants in Mauritius. Entitled ‘The Migrant’, the film was officially launched on 9 August at the Mciné cinema in Trianon.

Hénry Rotile

Shot in just two days, ‘The Migrant’ is Shanbao Chen’s latest film. In this short film, the director tells the story of the arrival of the first Chinese in Mauritius: “The film is 20 minutes long and tells the story of the arrival of the first Chinese to settle in Mauritius. It also serves as a documentary, depicting how the Hakka culture took root in Mauritius.

With a dozen short films already to his credit, the director intends to make another short film in the coming months: “Through my next short film, I want to show how the Chinese descendants in Mauritius have contributed to the country’s development”.

Shanbao Chen’s ‘The Migrant’ was sponsored by the Mauritius Flim Development Corporation and the Chinatown Foundation.

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