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Crystal – City Sport Urban League Trail 2022 (Round 2): The Comfort Before And After The Effort

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The second round of the City Sport Urban Trail League 2022 took place on Saturday took place this Saturday, August 20th, in Phoenix. At the end of the 8km race, it was Geraldo Grimaud and Sabrina Rabot won the scratch race. In the Race Village located at the Mauritius Glass Gallery, everything was set up to welcome the participants in a friendly atmosphere.

Crystal - City Sport Urban League Trail 2022

Dressed in a pink dry fit T-shirt, flocked with the Crystal, KFC, City Sport, Go Sport, Hoka and Haval logos, the 300 people marched in a pack under the in the Pont Fer area, escorted by police motorcyclists and the overpowered police motorbikes and the over-equipped GWM 4×4 as well as the electric vehicles of PhoenixBev.

Crystal - City Sport Urban League Trail 2022

The real start was given on the Sodnac link road at 15.30. The main contenders for the win stood out on the climb up the hill of Candos. For the urban trail lovers it was an opportunity to discover the hidden paths of the hill and a new course that juggles between trails specially opened for the event and a river crossing in the middle of the city.

Crystal - City Sport Urban League Trail 2022

After 8 km of effort it was Geraldo Grimaud and Sabrina Rabot who were the were the winners. Five categories of men and women were rewarded with gifts and were rewarded with gifts and vouchers offered by the partners of the event. Participants walked away with a race pack which they described as ‘more than satisfactory’.

For the organisers and the participants the main satisfaction was the atmosphere in the race village and on the course. The next stage is planned for the end of October in the region of Curepipe.

Crystal - City Sport Urban League Trail 2022

Les résultats :

Dames :

Scratch: 1.Sabrina Rabot (42:03); 2.Tracy Flores (46:22); 3. Niharika Essoo


Junior: 1.Megane Gelle (47:00); 2.Riya Goyaram (1:20:27).

Senior: 1.Tracy Flores (46:22); 2. Niharika Essoo (46:49); 3.Prisca Manikion


Veteran: 1.Sabrina Rabot (42:03); 2.Anabelle Devienne (48:18); 3. Ashweena

Dawonath (50:48).

Masters: 1.Doris Antonio (46:47); 2.Claudine Baptiste (53:31); 3. Marie

Micheline Jolicoeur (54:22).

Super Masters: 1.Pamela Mootien (48:36); 2.Giliane Dupré (1:00:30).

Crystal - City Sport Urban League Trail 2022


Scratch: 1.Geraldo Grimaud (32:29); 2.Cliver Durhone (32:50); 3.

Summoogum Ramasawmy (33:10).

Junior: 1.Kenan Leclerc (35:39); 2.Brandon Sooriah (36:00); 3.Donzelly Catty


Senior: 1.Geraldo Grimaud (32:29); 2.Cliver Durhone (32:50); 3.Sandeep

Bokhoree (34:13).

Veteran: 1.Summoogum Ramasawmy (33:10); 2.Christoper Beau (35:29);

3.Rishi Champa (35:52).

Masters: 1.Eric  Cicéron (36:06); 2.Ghansiam Beedah (36:35); 3.Barnard

Duval (37:17).

Super Masters: 1.Robert Navette (46:29); 2.Nazir Bhaukaurally (47:08);

3.Christian Berthelot (49:47).

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