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5 Homeless Behind Bars For Stealing Rs 500,000 From Change Express

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The cashier of Change Express in Grand-Baie was attacked with unprecedented violence on the morning of Friday, December 31, 2021, before being robbed of a backpack containing a sum of Rs 500,000 in foreign currency. A video is circulating showing how the 36 year old woman was dragged to the ground by her attackers as she tried to resist them. In one week, the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Grand Bay has arrested five suspects. They are Chris Vikash Dookee, alias Chris, 23 years old, Patrice Joël Toulouse, alias Vomito, 32 years old, Jean Jordan Mootoo, a 24 year old planton, Warren Vincent Long, 26 years old and Evans Jason Larose, 22 years old.

The police officers of the Grand Bay CID, led by Inspector Thakoor and the men of Inspector Ganga of the Field Intelligence Office of the Northern Division, made their first arrest on Thursday, January 6. Chris Dookee was arrested. Two other suspects were apprehended on Friday, January 7. They are Patrice Toulouse and Jordan Mootoo. These three men have confessed their participation in this case. On Saturday January 8, it was Warren Long’s turn to be arrested at Camp Carol, Grand-Baie. A sum of Rs 2700 was seized from his possession.  He was also quick to confess his guilt in this robbery with violence. Evans Larose was apprehended during a police raid at Residence Rose-Belle on Monday, January 10. After spending a first night in the Alcatraz detention center in the Central Barracks, he was brought before the court of Pamplemousses on Tuesday morning, January 11.

This cashier of Change Express, a resident of Rivière du Rempart, was attacked by an individual at around 8:50 am on December 31, 2021 while she was returning to this branch with Rs 500 000 in foreign currency in a backpack. This 36 year old woman tried to resist her attacker, when 2 other suspects arrived. She had no choice but to let them leave with the loot. The security guard who accompanied her, a 60 year old man, tried to intervene. These thugs were determined to commit this robbery despite the resistance of the cashier.

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