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US Eases Venezuela Oil Sanctions After Election Deal

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The Venezuelan government and opposition have agreed to have foreign observers watch the country’s election next year, which has led to the United States to relax sanctions against Venezuela.

The oil, gas, and gold industries of Venezuela will see a relaxation of sanctions. The second part of next year has been set aside for Venezuela’s upcoming election.

There are also other penalties in force related to the repression of protesters and the deterioration of democracy. Washington has issued a warning, stating that should the electoral deal fail, the easing might be undone.

Venezuela, which has been under harsh sanctions since 2019, was allowed to produce and export oil to its preferred markets for the next six months with a new general licence from the US Treasury Department.

Regarding the gold industry, no deadline has been set.

According to a statement from Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the US alerted Venezuela that they need to “define a specific timeline and process for the expedited reinstatement of all candidates” by November 30. “All who want to run for president should be allowed the opportunity,” he declared, advocating for the liberation of “all wrongfully detained US nationals and Venezuelan political prisoners.”

The agreement between the opposition and the Venezuelan government was signed on Tuesday in Barbados. The 12 principles of the agreement include ensuring the free and safe movement of all candidates around the nation as well as providing them with access to the public and private media.

In order to guarantee that the millions of Venezuelans who have left the country may exercise their right to vote, the two parties have also decided to update voter registrations both inside and outside the nation.

However, there is a disagreement between the administration and the two opposition parties about whether the accord permits the expulsion of opposition leader María Corina Machado.

President Nicolás Maduro’s regime was subject to severe penalties by the Trump administration in response to his reelection in 2018, which the US has deemed to be “illegitimate.”

However, President Joe Biden has enhanced communication between the two nations.

Given that over seven million Venezuelans have fled their nation, many of them to the US, due to the dreadful economic conditions in the Andes, the US has a stake in the resolution of the crisis there.

Reducing US sanctions against Venezuela’s oil sector would be economically advantageous for both nations, as Venezuela possesses the greatest proven oil reserves globally.

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