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Aid Routes To Gaza Opened After US Warns Israel Of Protecting Civilians, Aid Workers

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In order to facilitate the entry of more aid into Gaza, Israel claims to have approved the opening of two humanitarian corridors into the region.

For the first time since the beginning of the conflict, the northern Gazan Erez Gate will be temporarily reopened, and Ashdod Port will be open for the delivery of humanitarian supplies.

Jordan will permit more help to pass through the Kerem Shalom Crossing.

It happens just hours after Joe Biden had his first conversation with Israel’s prime minister following the deaths of seven aid workers. In a Monday strike in Gaza, seven employees of the humanitarian relief organization World Central Kitchen (WCK) lost their lives.

A transcript of a phone conversation between Benjamin Netanyahu and the US president purports that Biden cautioned Israel that it needs to take action to stop harm to civilians and suffering of humanitarian aid providers in order to keep US backing.

It is recognized that Biden specifically asked for the corridors to be reopened during the phone conversation. In essence, Biden issued an ultimatum to the Israeli government: either take decisive action to protect civilians and guarantee the security of relief workers, or else US policy regarding Gaza will shift. This was a dramatic change in US policy as it was the first time Washington has tried to use American aid to influence how the conflict in Gaza is being fought.

The initiatives that Israel stated are commendable, according to the US National Security Council, and they “must now be fully and rapidly implemented”. It further stated that the actions taken by Israel to safeguard “innocent civilians and the safety of aid workers” would dictate US policy.

It is also noteworthy because Israel’s Foreign Minister Eli Cohen informed Israeli media in November that there would be “no more contact between Israel and Gaza” after the country opened its northern border crossing with Gaza at Erez.

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