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Iran Asks US To “Step Aside” As It Prepares To Attack Israel

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Iran claimed to have requested the US “step aside” as Iran was getting ready to respond to a possible Israeli strike on its consulate in Syria. Hezbollah, its principal Middle East proxy, alerted Israel to impending war.

Mohammad Jamshidi, the deputy chief of staff for political affairs under the Iranian president, wrote on X that Iran “warned the US not to get dragged into Netanyahu’s trap.” The US should “Step aside so that you don’t get hit. “In response, the US asked Iran not to hit American targets,” Jamshidi said.

The US has remained silent on the purported message that Iran sent.

According to CNN, the US is on high alert and is bracing for a “significant” Iranian reaction against US or Israeli targets in the area. The American news network cited an unnamed US official.

According to NBC, an American broadcast television, which cited two anonymous US officials, President Joe Biden’s administration is worried that any strike would occur within Israel, notably on “military or intelligence targets, rather than civilians.”

According to Bloomberg, the Biden administration did take the unprecedented step of informing Iran directly that the US was not informed of Monday’s strike on Damascus. That implied that the US was attempting to stop an attack on its own troops and bases in the Middle East.

The Islamic Republic has threatened to “slap” its worst foe, Israel. It’s still unknown when that would occur or if Iran would attempt to strike Israel directly or via one of its proxy organizations, like the Lebanon-based Hezbollah.

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