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Hezbollah Strikes With 100 Rockets In Israel After Commander Killed

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Since the commencement of the Gaza War, Hezbollah has fired one of its biggest missile barrages against northern Israel.

Following the assassination of a top Hezbollah commander in southern Lebanon the night before, around 100 rockets were fired on Wednesday morning. With both parties declaring they are ready for war, the strikes heighten concerns that the military conflict between Israel and Hezbollah is intensifying.

At least ninety rockets fired from Lebanese territory were confirmed by the Israeli military, coincident with siren sounds in several northern localities. Many were reportedly intercepted, but some landed and started fires. There were no confirmed casualties.

Then came aerial video of Israeli airplanes hitting what the IDF claimed was the missile launch location in Yaroun, southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah, an Iranian-affiliated military group based in Lebanon, announced early on Wednesday that Taleb Abdullah had died in an airstrike on the village of Jouaiyya a few hours earlier. Hajj Abu Taleb, another name for Abdullah, was supposedly in charge of a Hezbollah division that covered the western portion of the front line between the Litani River and the Israeli border.

He is just the second Hezbollah agent to be killed since October 7 and to be mourned as a commander.

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