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Three-Day Workshop On Greening Of Technical And Vocational Education And Training

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A three-day workshop on Greening of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), at the MITD House in Phoenix organised by UNESCO-UNEVOC in collaboration with Circulab under the Greening Institution Action Plan (GIAP), was attended by the Chairperson of the MITD Board, Mr Harrykrishna Vydelingum, the Director of MITD, Mr Sayadaly Maudarbocus, the Project Manager of BILT at UNESCO-UNEVOC, Mr Kenny Muscat and other personalities.

Minister Callichurn attended the launching ceremony and  underscored the pivotal role of green skills in the development strategies across various economic sectors, highlighting Government’s recognition of the pressing need for greening initiatives in today’s global landscape. He reiterated Government’s dedication to fostering a shift towards a greener economy, citing the implementation of green policies and initiatives in Mauritius as tangible evidence of this commitment.

Moreover, he emphasised the necessity of equipping the workforce with the knowledge and expertise to tackle climate change and promote eco-friendly practices, underlining initiatives such as the integration of environmental education and training into the national curriculum as key steps forward.

Minister Callichurn further outlined the Government’s concerted efforts to promote green skills development through partnerships with educational institutions and the establishment of specialised programmes covering various areas including renewable energy, waste management, and sustainable agriculture. He highlighted incentives such as tax grants aimed at encouraging businesses to invest in green technologies, thereby fostering the adoption of environmentally friendly practices and creating a demand for green skills.

Three-Day Workshop On Greening Of Technical And Vocational Education And Training

Recalling the Government’s commitment to sustainability by integrating green processes into major development plans and aspiring for regional leadership in innovative renewable energy technologies, the Minister spoke about the launch of the national scheme for emerging innovative renewable energy technologies.

Other speakers, including Mr Vydelingum and Mr Maudarbacus discussed the necessity of sustainable development and the global acceptance of the Green economy concept. Mr Maudarbacus stressed the crucial role of TVET in implementing green economy principles, focusing on preparing individuals to integrate environmental considerations into their professional practices.

On another note, Mr Vydelingum elaborated on initiatives aimed at achieving environmental, social, and economic goals in Mauritius, particularly focusing on the steps planned by the MITD.

For his part, Mr Muscat underscored the importance of the Greening Institution Action Plan, noting its role in advancing skills development, fostering inclusive and sustainable economies, and nurturing the foundations of a peaceful society. As regards to UNESCO, he reiterated the organisation’s commitment to prioritising education as a fundamental human right, emphasising its pivotal role in laying the groundwork for both peace and sustainable development.

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