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Hurdoyal Would Have Resigned As MP If He Had Dignity, Says Ramgoolam

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The three leaders of the PTr-MMM-PMSD alliance, Navin Ramgoolam, Paul Bérenger and Xavier Luc Duval, met at Riverwalk yesterday afternoon. One of the topics on the agenda was the dismissal of Vikram Hurdoyal as Minister of Agro-Industry. Navin Ramgoolam then faced the press. Commenting on the dismissal of Vikram Hurdoyal as Minister, Dr Navin Ramgoolam said he was saddened for Hurdoyal, who told the press this morning at SSR airport, on his way back from a private trip to France, that he did not know he had been dismissed. Navin Ramgoolam said he was not surprised by Pravind Jugnauth’s decision. He added that if Vikram Hurdoyal had dignity, he would have resigned as Member of Paliament. Navin Ramgoolam also insists that he has not met the former minister beyond a religious function. He also said that that it is also time for Pravind Jugnauth’s government to submit its resignation as there is too much instability in the country.

Vikram Hurdoyal
Vikram Hurdoyal

“Shocked and saddened” reacted Hurdoyal to his revocation

The former Minister for Agro-Industry was revoked while he was abroad. He landed in Mauritius on Monday morning at SSR International Airport. He was questioned by the press. “I am shocked and saddened after hearing this news”, says Vikram Hurdoyal. He said he returned from a private visit in France. He said he is in a state of shock after being sacked from his post as Minister of Agro-Industry. He also said that he did not know whether the news of his dismissal was true or false. The member for constituency No 10 said that he had received no communication on the subject. Vikram Hurdoyal claims that the Prime Minister had placed his trust in him by appointing him that the Jugnauth’s family held him in high esteem. Vikram Hurdoyal dismissed rumours that he was in contact with the Labour Party.

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