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Rape In Le Morne: Two Arrested Suspects Face Confession

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Moheshwar Souky, a 32-year-old notorious recidivist, homeless and working as a bricklayer, and Clyde Louis Brigitte, a 40-year-old welder, living in Karo Kaliptis, Case Noyale, known to the police, were arrested late on Sunday afternoon, February 11, in connection with a rape case in the village of Le Morne. The two men were questioned closely and soon confessed. On Monday morning, February 12, they were brought before the Bambous court on a provisional charge of rape. The case is being investigated by the Criminal Investigation Division of the Western Division.

A meticulous field investigation by elements of the Divisional Crime Intelligence Unit (DCIU) of the Western Division led to the apprehension of the two suspects late on Sunday afternoon, February 11. They are accused of raping a 33-year-old woman late on Friday February 9 in the village of Le Morne.

In a statement made at the La Gaulette police station on the evening of Friday February 9, the victim, who lives in the village of Chemin Grenier, explained the circumstances in which she found herself in the village of Le Morne. It was 2pm that day. She was near the village soccer field for a job appointment with an Internet user she met on a Facebook page.

This person was urgently looking for a therapist to work in a spa in Le Morne. When she met him, he identified himself as the person she had been chatting with on Messenger and also on audio calls. They walked along Route Royale near the Lagon Vert snack bar and then headed for a pathway where the spa would be located.

There, the man attacked her with a box cutter before dragging her under a tree. Her hands and feet were tied before she was robbed of her cell phone, bank card, cosmetics and documents, as well as the sum of Rs 700 in her wallet. She says she was forced to reveal the secret code of her bank card.

Her assailant, she says, forced her to kneel down, sexually abused her and subjected her to further sexual abuse. The Chemin Grenier resident, still traumatized and in a state of shock, went to the La Gaulette police station to register her complaint. She was subsequently admitted to the ward at Victoria Hospital, Candos, where the protocol for victims of sexual abuse was put in place. That evening, she was examined by a forensic pathologist.

The two suspects are also scheduled to be examined by a forensic pathologist on Wednesday, February 14, and samples taken from them for DNA testing.

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