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“The Prime Minister Must Ask The Minister Of Health To Resign” – Says Boolell

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On this Friday 18th March 2022, Dr. Arvin Boolell, Osman Mahomed, Mahen Gungapersad and Fabrice David were facing the press members for the weekly press conference of the Labour Party.

The anomalies seen in the report of the Public Account Committee were commented at length by Arvin Boolell. For him, the various remarks of the Committee show that the Minister of Health is not only answerable, but also guilty. For Arvin Boolell, the Prime Minister will also be considered as guilty if he does not ask the Minister of Health to resign. He recalled that Ivan Collendavelloo was revoked as Deputy Prime Minister just because his name was cited in a report.

Arvin Boolell also commented on the economy. He stated that the growing inflation is becoming a huge problem for the country. For him, this must be taken under control. Arvin Boolell also added that the criteria used by the Bank of Mauritius to calculate the inflation rate are not reliable.

Voicing out for those who have been victims of the floods on Sunday 13th March, the Labour Party is calling for a Fact Finding Committee in order to find out whether there has been any kind of negligence or incompetency on behalf of the Mauritius Metrological Service.

Fabrice David, the first member of the Constituency number 1 (Grande-Rivière-Nord-Ouest/Port-Louis-Ouest), has also expressed his special request for financial assistance to be granted to the victims of the floods. David recalled that several areas have been flooded in muddy waters, following heavy rainfalls over the island on the 13th of March. People have been trapped by the sudden rising in water, particularly in Vallée-Des-Prêtres and Canal Dayot.

Having faced some difficulties on that same day, Fabrice David was among the thirty hikers rescued by a team of the Swift Water Rescue Team of firefighters. He had been for a hike in the Black River Gorges Nature Park when the MP and others found themselves trapped on their way back by a sudden rise in water.

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