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The MSM Never Saw Bruneau Laurette As A Danger Politically, Says Lesjongard

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In a press conference yesterday, November 12, the President of the MSM, Joe Lesjongard returned to the fight against drugs that the government is leading, the arrest of Bruneau Laurette, the role of the Opposition and the work done by the police … by his side, the Chief Whip Naveena Ramyad who spoke about the fight against drugs and money laundering.

Joe Lesjongard faced the press this morning. He said that what Bruneau Laurette is accused of is very serious. But he called for the authorities to be able do their job without fear or favour in this specific case. He then denounced a campaign to denigrate the police, especially the Special Striking Team. “This campaign is fueled by some politicians, some lawyers and some members of the press,” he said.

According to Joe Lesjongard, we must denounce those who create the perception that there is chaos in the country. He added that people who want to express themselves have been able to do so, notably at the rally in Port-Louis recently. “There was even a microphone war. So there is freedom, including freedom of the press,” he said.

For Joe Lesjongard, people have the right to criticise the government. In fact, according to him, they do not hesitate to do so. But what is unacceptable, according to him, is that false information is published to discredit the institutions. “It started the day after the results of the last elections. The electoral commission was the first to suffer from this campaign,” he said.

Joe Lesjongard said that the MSM has never seen Bruneau Laurette as a political danger.

Afterward, Joe Lesjongard spoke about the three years in power of the MSM. Despite the political obstacles, COVID, and the war between Ukraine and Russia, the MSM was able to overcome the problems. Never has a government had to face so many obstacles. Nevertheless, we fought, and with the help of the population, we overcame them and realized a series of development projects.

Naveena Ramyad the Government Chief Whip spoke about the fight against drugs, money laundering and corruption.

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