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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict On The Menu Of The PTR-MMM-PMSD Alliance Meeting In Plaine Verte

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The leaders of the opposition alliance comprising the Labour Party, the MMM and the PMSD were in Plaine Verte. It was a big crowd, as expected, with several speakers and the rally lasted until around 11 o’clock in the evening.

One subject that was addressed by several speakers, and even by the three leaders, was the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However, they were unanimous in saying that a solution, a ceasefire, was needed as soon as possible. The solution for the speakers was the creation of a Palestinian state. Navin Ramgoolam reviewed the history of this war and recalled that we were close to the creation and acceptance of a state of Israel and a Palestinian state. Paul Bérenger stressed the urgent need for an independent and sovereign Palestinian state. Xavier Duval spoke of the terrible tragedy unfolding in Gazza; civilians must not be killed. The three leaders also spoke about the economy and the young people leaving the country. They agreed that the country must be saved. We need more meritocracy,” said Navin Ramgoolam.

Navin Ramgoolam

Another important point is that, as Mamad Khodabaccus confirms, the no. 1, 2 and 3 alliance in the event of victory has been established, i.e. Navin, Paul and Xavier.

Xavier Duval, for his part, spoke of the regulations that prevent entrepreneurs from working in peace. He also pointed out that the economic situation is difficult for some Mauritians, while others are benefiting. He pointed out that companies have just presented their balance sheets, making billions in profit, and this because of the weak rupee. The weak rupee is a real jackpot for big business, for tourism and for the MRA. He also spoke of the resumption of parliamentary work, and of the speaker, who is not always at fault, but who acts under the orders of the PM. Another subject he touched on was education, and the failure of the Extended Program, with 71 students out of 3,291 succeding.

MMM leader Paul Bérenger also spoke about the resumption of parliament. He pointed out that Parliament will automatically be dissolved next year, as they do not have a ¾ majority to amend the constitution. For Bérenger, if the MSM had this majority, it would have postponed the elections. For him, we can no longer accept humiliation, injustice and corruption, there is a deterioration of law and order, drug trafficking. We need a real programme for change, all the figures are manipulated today. He spoke of the government’s incompetence regarding the price of petrol and diesel. Paul Bérenger also spoke about the CEB and said he was worried about the situation. He even wonders whether we won’t end up like South Africa with the Rolling Black Out. He thinks we need to make a difference between accountability and revenge.

PTR-MMM-PMSD Alliance - Press Briefing

Navin Ramgoolam, the leader of the Labour Party, was the last to speak. He spoke of the deterioration in the country’s law and order situation. He declared that the MSM intended to spend billions on the forthcoming elections, and even spoke of one billion per constituency. He recalled the death of Kistnen. He also talked about oil prices. Navin Ramgoolam explained how he had signed a contract with Mangalore Refinery and that we had our own boat. He asked what was going to happen with this other war, which was likely to push up the price of oil, and also the risk that we would not have any ships to supply us.

For Navin Ramgoolam, the people have before them a team with a proven track record that can transform the country. He warned the population against the communal demon that some will use on the eve of the elections.

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