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The Indian Ocean Youth Ecological Council (IOYEC) In Seychelles

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The Indian Ocean Youth Ecological Council (IOYEC) is all set to host a week-long summit from 11th to 18th November 2023 in Seychelles, bringing together passionate young leaders, environmental activists, and experts from the Indian Ocean region. The summit aims to empower the youth, enhance their environmental awareness, and drive positive change in addressing the pressing ecological challenges within the region.

The IOYEC, organized by Droits Humains Ocean Indien (DIS- MOI), in partnership with the Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC), Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles (CEPS) the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (RLF), and the United Nations, is a dynamic initiative focused on uniting young leaders and environmental enthusiasts. Together, they aim to tackle the critical ecological challenges that the Indian Ocean region faces.

Key Objectives:

Providing a platform for young leaders to enhance their knowledge and skills in ecological sustainability, leadership, and advocacy.

Promoting cooperation among youth, governmental organisations, and civil society organisations to develop comprehensive ecological solutions and initiatives.

Educating communities about environmental issues, the importance of ecological sustainability, and the role of youth in bringing about positive change.

Encouraging participants to formulate resolutions and action plans to address specific ecological challenges in the region.

Droits Humains Ocean Indien (DIS-MOI) is an organisation dedicated to promoting human rights, social justice, and environmental sustainability in the Indian Ocean region.

DIS-MOI aims at empowering youth through human rights and citizenship education, raising community awareness about critical environmental issues, and encouraging collaboration for a sustainable future. This summit perfectly aligns with DIS-MOI’s mission of advocacy and action for human rights and the environment in the region.

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