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Candos Hospital

Gas Shower Fire.. 19-Year-Old Woman Dies Of Burns

Nabiihah Fatimah Anoowar, 19, did not survive the burns she sustained on the evening of Tuesday February 20. The victim was taking a shower...

Driver Kills Himself Against A Bus

Joseph Didier Hurrucksing, 33, lost his life in a tragic accident early Sunday evening, September 24. The car he was driving collided head-on with...

80-Year-Old Woman Admitted To Burns’ Unit Dies From Her Injuries

Marie Sylvie Gengadu, 80 years old, died at the Burns' Unit of the Victoria Hospital in Candos on Wednesday afternoon, February 15. This resident...

Baby Burned With Hot Tea

A 2-year-old girl was admitted to the Burns' Unit of the Victoria Hospital, Candos on the afternoon of Sunday, August 7. This is after...
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