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Seventy-Year-Old Man Attacked By Two Armed Individuals

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A 77-year-old man saw death in the face when he was manhandled by two armed individuals who broke into his home in Terrasson, Pointe aux Sables late Monday afternoon, December 6. Tied up before being locked in his room, he was forced to tell his attackers where he kept his jewelry and Rs 15,000 which represents almost all the money of his retirement pension and his bonus that he had just received. The loot taken is estimated at Rs 55 000.

It is a real nightmare that this septuagenarian lived around 4:30 pm on Monday, December 6. He was in his kitchen when he found himself face to face with two unknown men. The latter, dressed in black, had a sword and a knife in their hands. He was grabbed and threatened before his hands were tied. He was dragged to his room where under threat he was forced to reveal to these two men where he kept his jewelry and money.

Fearing for his life in the face of the threats he had no choice but to obey these two assailants. They stole a gold chain with a cross as a medallion, three rings and some costume jewelry.

This resident of Terrasson told the police that he will be able to identify these two men. The septuagenarian who was injured in the hands, said he felt pain in his abdomen.

The investigation in this case was entrusted to the Criminal Investigation Division of the Metropolitan Police of the Southern Division.

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