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In Le Chaland: A Police Officer In Training Assaulted With A Hot Iron

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A burn to the back required treatment at Rose-Belle’s Jawaharlall Nehru Hospital for a young policeman in training at the National Coast Guard (NCG) school in Le Chaland. In the late afternoon of Tuesday April 2, the 20-year-old man was sitting near barracks number 3 when one of his fellow students placed a hot iron on his back.

The young policeman went to the Police Post at Rose-Belle Hospital to lodge a complaint of assault, where he was given a 58-year form before going to the hospital’s emergency department for treatment.

In his statement he explained that at around 4.45pm on Tuesday April 2 he was sitting near Baracks 3 of Le Chaland Training School when he felt an intense burn on his back. Immediately he turned around and saw a young police officer in training like himself holding a black iron in his hand. His back was injured.

He was taken to hospital for treatment and later returned to his training school with medication.  An investigation has been launched to shed light on the circumstances of this attack.

An investigation has been launched into the circumstances of the attack. The T-shirt worn by the victim, which bore the marks of the iron, was seized for investigation. Following this, it will be decided whether the assailant will face a departmental or criminal investigation.

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