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The Priority Is Not The Number Of Tickets, But The Country Says Ramgoolam

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Navin Ramgoolam, Paul Bérenger and Xavier-Luc Duval met again on Wednesday at Riverwalk. While a few subjects were discussed at the meeting, the allocation of tickets for the next general elections remains the main stumbling block. The leaders of the three parties are trying to reach a compromise. At a press briefing after the meeting, Navin Ramgoolam hinted that negotiations were progressing and that the 35-17-8 formula was not being called into question. The priority for the trio, he said, is not the number of tickets but the country. “We will find a solution. A formula has already been discussed”, says Navin Ramgoolam. According to Navin Ramgoolam, “ Our objective is to get this government out of office, otherwise the country will finish”. Asked if the MSM was trying to split the alliance, he said, “They’ll keep dreaming.

The Labour Party leader also added that the three formations in alliance would indeed be holding a meeting on 1 May.

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