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Seventy-Year-Old Man Files Complaint For Assault With Premeditation

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“Pa enkor fini la, nou pou revini enkor pou kraze pou touye”. These were the words of two men who broke into the home of a man in his seventies in Vacoas on the evening of Friday 13 October. The two men violently attacked his son and his son’s girlfriend, who has only been living with him for a fortnight. His son’s new partner, a victim of domestic violence, left the marital home in L’Escalier to come and live with her son in Vacoas. They both work as attendants at the Jawaharlall Nehru Hospital in Rose Belle. The two suspects are being actively sought by the Vacoas Criminal Investigation Division (CID).

It was 11pm on the evening of Friday 13 October when the 74-year-old man heard a knock on his gate. He woke up and turned on the light in his backyard. He stayed in his bedroom. A quarter of an hour later, he heard people breaking window panes and entering his house. Immediately afterwards he saw a rather thin man, whom he could identify, force open the door to his bedroom, in the company of another man with a big belly. They took an iron bar and forced open the door to his son’s bedroom. As soon as the door was broken open, he saw his son’s concubine.

The slight man opened his son’s wardrobe and the other person violently grabbed his son’s concubine and dragged her out of the room, saying, “mo pou touy twa zordi”.  At the same time, he noticed that his son’s mobile phone and wallet were in the other man’s right hand. Before they left, they had to say, “Pa enkor fini la, nou pou revini enkor pou kraze pou touye”, pointing an iron bar in his direction.

When the police arrived at his home, he saw his son coming out of a neighbour’s house. He had injuries to the head, face and body. He was taken to Victoria Hospital, Candos. After receiving treatment, he was admitted to the ward. The police were able to trace the owner of the car in which the two suspects arrived in Vacoas. But he said he had sold the vehicle.

His son’s concubine has applied for a Protector Order against her husband before the Souillac court.

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