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Sainte Croix: Pedestrian Hit By Ambulance

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A First Response ambulance from Quatre Bornes was involved in an accident in the early hours of Monday morning, January 1. The vehicle, coming from Port Louis, was travelling on Route Nicolay, Sainte Croix, when, at the junction with Rue Ducray, the driver switched on his blinker to turn right. At the same time, a 56-year-old man hurriedly crossed this street from the fairgrounds to the Muga side. The ambulance driver said he had done everything to avoid him, but the pedestrian was unfortunately hit. He took him to the Dr A.G. Jeetoo hospital in Port Louis. His condition is considered quite serious.

It was shortly after 12:30 a.m. on Monday, January 1. The ambulance, driven by a 22-year-old resident of Sainte Croix, was travelling on the Nicolay road, Sainte Croix, in the direction of Terre Rouge. The vehicle was coming from Port-Louis. At the junction of route Nicilay and rue Ducray, Sainte Croix, the driver turned on his blinker to turn right. At that precise moment, the traffic light was green.

As he turned into rue Ducray, a man suddenly rushed to cross the road. Although he applied the brakes, the collision was unavoidable. The vehicle was damaged and the pedestrian injured. The young driver took him to hospital in his ambulance. In the meantime, he informed the police of the accident. After receiving treatment, the pedestrian was admitted to hospital, where his condition is considered quite serious.

The ambulance driver underwent a breathalyzer test, which proved negative.

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