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Rama Valayden Calls For Immediate Dissolution Of The SST

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The leaders of Linion Pep Morisien and Rassemblement Mauricien were in front of the press on Saturday. They were accompanied by three members of the family who had a run-in with members of the Special Striking Team last Saturday. The family’s son has made allegations of brutality. Rama Valayden and Nando Bodha, who spoke at the press conference, called for the Special Striking Team to be disbanded immediately. ” We are asking the Commissioner of Police to disband the Special Striking Team with immediate effect”, said Rama Valayden. He focused on the case of the Plaine Verte family, three of whose members were pushed around by police officers. “We will be making a formal complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. We’re also going to have a video broadcast. But the good thing is that a special unit within the CCID is conducting the investigation and not the Special Striking Team”, he said.

Bodha: “Pravind Jugnauth has destroyed people’s confidence in the police”

Speaking at the Linion Pep Morisien press conference, Nando Bodha said that people need to know where the country is at. “The Prime Minister must act. A real Prime Minister has to act. The Special Striking Team has done a lot of damage to the country. A lot of harm! There are all these ramifications between this unit and the mafia. We call on the Prime Minister to act. The SST must be dismantled as quickly as possible”, he declared.

Nando Bodha also called on the Police Commissioner to act. But, he stressed, there was a problem in the case. “The Prime Minister, as Minister of the Interior, is responsible for the police, the ADSU and the SST. When you listen to everything in the affidavit, how can you trust the police? Pravind Jugnauth has destroyed all the trust that the population had in the police. The damage the SST has done to the government is immense”, he said.

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