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Pravind Jugnauth Enumerates The Measures Taken By The Government Since 2014

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The Prime Minister was in Grand Bois where he launched a series of conventions. He praised the measures taken by the government since 2014. He also returned to the proposal to pay a 14th month to those earning less than Rs 50,000. For him, this is a demagogic proposal. “They’re talking about a 14th month. But when they, the PTr and the PMSD, were in power, there were people earning Rs 1,500 a month. Today, we have instituted a guaranteed minimum wage of Rs 15,000 a month”, he declared. The Prime Minister added that he was not saying that everything was satisfactory. “There is still work to be done,” he said. He recalled that he had promised the old-age pension at Rs 13,500, but because of the pandemic, this could not materialize. “But our mandate is not over yet. We still have a year to run the country,” he declared. Pravind Jugnauth also returned to Joanna Bérenger’s expression, the Privy Council’s ruling on Suren Dayal’s election petition and the criticism of Minister Kailesh Jagutpal. He also said that Eshan Joomun had already been sentenced to one month’s imprisonment for corruption before the sentence was commuted to community service.

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