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Pravind Jugnauth Asks Sympathizers To Be More Present On The Ground

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On Saturday, March 25, 2023, the staff of the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM) gathered its central committee at the Sun Trust building in Port-Louis. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he asked his supporters to be more present on the ground and to highlight the achievements and record of the government.

It is with the national anthem that this meeting of the central committee of the Orange Party began. At the outset, the Head of Government wished all his supporters and Mauritians a happy Independence Day. “This year marks 55 years of independence of the country, the government has decided to organize a series of activities over several months to allow all Mauritians to participate,” he said.

The Prime Minister was keen to inform that it was his government that gave permission to the three opposition parties, namely the MMM, the PTr and the PMSD, to organize an independence celebration at the Caudan Waterfront on March 12.

PM with staff of the Militant Socialist Movement

The Head of Government also made a virulent outburst against a section of the press which, according to him, is conducting a systematic campaign against his government, especially regarding his statement on a decision taken by the court. However, Pravind Jugnauth wonders why the press did not say a word when Navin Ramgoolam made serious attacks against the judiciary. ”

Continuing his speech, the Prime Minister urged his supporters not to be intimidated by the attacks and low blows of members of the Opposition parties or some media. He said: “There are those who are thirsty for power and who will do anything to destabilize the government. They will not respect the choice of the ballot box and they will create disorder in the country. But I assure you that I will see you through to the end of your term,” he said.

In addition, Pravind Jugnauth boasted of the positive record of his government. He is pleased that his government has so far fulfilled many of the promises made to the people. He cites as examples: the extension of the Metro Express project, the construction of drains, the construction of social housing, increases in various social benefits, among others.

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