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148 Years Of The Arya Samaj: Pravind Jugnauth Guest Of Honor

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Yesterday, Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth was the guest of honor at a party organized to celebrate 148 years of existence of the Arya Samaj movement. The program began with a Yaj. Most of the speakers emphasized the good work of the government.

Pravind Jugnauth was eloquent on the teachings of Swami Dayanand…how he also sought to defend women’s rights when the former prime minister was using women in an illicit manner. Then it was the political part.

The head of government returned to the continuing attacks on him and his government for some time. He said that behind the criticism is a group of people who are power-hungry and willing to do anything to destabilize the country. According to Pravind Jugnauth, these people have even joined the drug mafia and intend to do everything possible to poison the minds of the population.

The head of government denounced those who try to make people believe that the country is ‘on the verge’ of becoming a dictatorship. According to Pravind Jugnauth, those who accept and promote this thinking are living in another world. “We don’t know what kind of world these people live in because they must not listen to the radio or read the newspapers. Otherwise, they would have seen the number of demonstrations that were authorized by the police,” he said. He added that the authorities still allow people to express themselves in the streets, sometimes in large numbers.

According to the head of government, some people think they can act against the law because they do not appreciate that there is a government in the country. The PM said that these actions and attacks against the government are only the fruits of frustration. “They have the nerve to say that democracy is in danger in the country. But we understand that these people see evil everywhere because they are frustrated. They would have preferred that power was in their hands. They are not satisfied and they want to turn the tables on them.

Pravind Jugnauth explained that at this very moment he is the target of several critics. He maintains that only his own words are the object of controversy and not his opponents. He was referring to the case of the judiciary. “When I express my opinion on a case, I am subject to criticism. But when it is Navin Ramgoolam who criticizes the judiciary, those who call themselves great editorialists, great thinkers, radio hosts, remain silent.

The head of government asked that the people become aware and pay attention. “We are not thirsty for power. When there are other deadlines, we will participate. We will talk to the people, we will present our results. The people will decide, not us. When the time comes, the others will also have the freedom to convince, to talk to the people. But we must be careful in the face of these destabilizing elements. The population must be aware.

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