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“Partygate”: After An Administrative And Police Investigation, Boris Johnson Targeted By A Parliamentary Inquiry

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Embroiled in the scandal of clandestine parties at Downing Street during the confinements, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is now targeted by a parliamentary inquiry, triggered Thursday, April 21, by MPs, to determine if the British Prime Minister has deceived them in this matter. British MPs approved on Thursday the opening of a parliamentary inquiry to determine whether Boris Johnson knowingly lied to Parliament about the “parties” held in Downing Street despite the containment measures.

The inquiry will examine whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson knowingly misled Parliament about “parties” held despite containment measures in place to deal with the Covid-19 outbreak. At first, the Conservative leader denied the facts.

The case, known as “partygate” and for a time pushed to the back burner because of the war in Ukraine, was revived last week when Johnson was fined for breaches of restrictions against Covid-19 by attending the surprise potluck held for his 56th birthday in June 2020. He then became the first sitting British head of government to be sanctioned for breaking the law.

And all this despite his large majority in the House of Commons, his initial willingness to oppose the procedure and then a manoeuvre to delay it, abandoned at the last minute. The decision of the MPs, taken by consensus without even a vote, opens a new front in this affair, which could eventually force Boris Johnson to resign, a sign of the continuing unease within his troops in the face of the scandal.

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