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Over 130 British MPs Sign Letter Urging Government To Stop Sales Of Arms To Israel

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In reaction to the international outcry against Israel’s conduct in Gaza, members of Parliament (MPs) and ministers from the House of Lords have urged the British government to stop military supplies to Israel.

A letter advocating for the prohibition of arms transfers to Israel was signed by more than 130 members of parliament and sent to Foreign Secretary David Cameron.

Leading Labour MP Zarah Sultana, the letter attracted signatures from 107 MPs and 27 peers, including former Labour minister for the Middle East Peter Hain, Westminster leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) Stephen Flynn, and former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, according to the Guardian, British daily newspaper.

Nosheena Mobarik, a Conservative politician, John Kerr, the Permanent Secretary of the Foreign Office, and Tessa Blackstone, a former Labour Party minister, were among the signatories. Nearly all of the SNP parliamentary party as well as 46 Labour MPs endorsed the letter, demonstrating its broad support.

Highlighting the deployment of British-made weapons in the Gaza Strip, the letter called the UK’s military sales to Israel “totally unacceptable.” The letter also mentioned a UN investigation and mentioned that the bombing of British medics in Gaza was probably carried out by an F-16 fighter plane with UK components.

Additionally, the letter reminds readers that UK governments had stopped selling weaponry to Israel during two previous escalations of the conflict in Gaza. Nevertheless, it highlights the fact that the UK government has not acted in response to the present uptick in violence by the Israeli military, which is noticeably higher.

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