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US Confirms It Won’t Be Involved In Retaliation Strikes On Iran

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According to top administration sources, the White House has informed Israel that the US will not take part in any retaliation strikes against Iran.

Iran claimed that more than 300 drones and missiles were fired at Israel during the course of the night in retaliation for an attack on its consulate in Syria on April 1. Before they could reach their targets, almost all weapons were shot down by US, Israeli, and ally forces.

According to officials, Joe Biden asked Israel to “carefully” evaluate its reaction.

A senior administration source told reporters on Sunday that Biden instructed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “think very carefully and strategically” about how his forces would respond to the historic action, which marked Iran’s first direct attack on the nation.

The official continued by saying that the Biden administration feels Israel “got the best of it” in the exchange, which started when senior Iranian military officers were murdered in a Syrian building housing the Iranian consulate.

US officials cite the fact that 99% of the missiles, drones, and cruise missiles fired during Iran’s counterattack were shot down or intercepted as evidence of Israeli military dominance over Iran.

During the strike, hundreds of Iranian rockets were shot down by US aircraft and naval boats. Over eighty drones and at least six ballistic missiles were shot down over Iraq by US air defence personnel, US ships, and planes.

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