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Norwegian MP Nominates Elon Musk For Nobel Prize For Being “Stout Proponent Of Free Speech”

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According to Daily Mail, a Norwegian Member of Parliament has nominated Elon Musk for the Nobel Peace Prize for his “stout proponent of free speech” and for “enabling” Ukraine to communicate following Russia’s invasion.

Elon Musk was nominated by libertarian MP Marius Nilsen of Norway. Nilsen stated that in a “continuously more polarised world,” Musk had defended “dialogue, free speech, and enabling the possibility to express one’s views.” Moreover, Nilsen acknowledged Musk’s Starlink satellite internet constellation, citing its application in Ukraine to help resistance fighters ‘communicate, coordinate, and withstand the attack from Russia’ as the conflict rages.

“The multitude of tech companies Musk has founded, owns, or runs, aimed at bettering societies, increasing knowledge of both earth and space, in addition to enabling communication and connectivity globally… has helped make the world a more connected and safer place,” Nilsen said.

Supporting Musk’s nomination for 2024, MP Nilsen said, “Man can, and will only evolve and find together when differences of opinions are sharpened in dialogue with critical thinkers and opposing views. Echo chambers and yes-people do not bring forth the best ideas and cooperation but decline and regression. Complementary views, opinions, and processes of thoughts unlock the best ideas.”

Musk’s contributions to global connectivity and free speech, according to the Norwegian MP, are “enabling all parts of the world to discuss, to exchange ideas, to learn, and to get to know and understand each other is a very valuable contribution to world prosperity and peace.”

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