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Accident In Beau Plateau, Goodlands: Two Friends Of The Victim Arrested For Culpable Omission

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Feeling remorseful after the tragic death of Naresh Kumar Ramdhorny, 27 also known as Silou in a road accident at the Beau Plateau traffic circle, Goodlands on the evening of Saturday February 17, two of his friends, Indradeo Gopalla, 25 and Mahesh Greedharry, 37 who were in his company on the fateful day voluntarily went to Goodlands police station on Tuesday morning February 20 to relate the circumstances of the accident. The two men, who like the victim live in Roche Terre, were subsequently arrested. On the same day, they were brought before the Rivière du Rempart divisional court in Pamplemousses on a provisional charge of culpable omission. They were subsequently released on bail of Rs 5,000 and an acknowledgement of debt of Rs 25,000.

Shortly after 6.30 a.m. on Sunday February 18, police officers from the Goodlands police station responded to a request on the Beau Plateau road. A seriously injured man was lying on the Beau Plateau road not far from the traffic circle. He was unconscious. He was rushed to the northern hospital. On arriving at the emergency department, the doctor on duty could do no more than pronounce him dead.

Naresh Kumar Ramdhorny
Naresh Kumar Ramdhorny

The victim lay in agony for over six hours on the road after his motorcycle was involved in an accident at the Beau Plateau traffic circle, Goodlands. He collided head-on with a concrete slab before being thrown into the middle of the road.  Naresh Kumar Ramdhorny, a bus conductor, was planning to marry this year. An autopsy was performed on his body on the morning of Sunday February 18 at the Dr. A.G. Jeetoo Hospital, Port Louis. The autopsy, carried out by Dr. Sudesh Kumar Gungadin, head of the police forensic department, attributed his death to multiple injuries.

Images from safe city surveillance cameras were viewed. The victim was seen on his Easy One motorcycle colliding head-on with a slab at the Beau Plateau traffic circle before being thrown into the middle of the road.

His two friends Indradeo Gopalla and Mahesh Greedharry explained in their statements that on the evening of Saturday February 17, they were drinking alcoholic beverages until very late on the Route Royale in Beau Plateau. They were joined by Naresh Kumar Ramdhorny. Shortly afterwards, they all set off on their motorcycles towards the Goodlands Bypass in the direction of Belmont.

Arriving near the VIP Shopping Mall, they said they turned around to go back to their respective homes. They had reached the Beau Plateau traffic circle, when Naresh Kumar Ramdhorny reportedly accelerated his motorcycle. He hit a concrete slab and was thrown into the middle of the road. Indradeo Gopalla and Mahesh Greedharry stopped, but did not come to their friend’s assistance. They say they were panicked to see the victim’s condition.

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