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No Change In Attitude Towards The MSM, Says Bérenger

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Paul Berenger held a press conference on Saturday. He said he wanted to put an end to rumors of a supposed softening of attitude towards the MSM. This is false, he insisted. “There is nothing new about this. The MSM is finishing the country. It needs to be removed as soon as possible. The question of changing attitudes towards the MSM does not arise. This party is mortgaging the future of our children,” he said.

Paul Berenger also commented on his relationship with the other opposition party leaders. He said there is nothing new regarding the PTr. We are still asking for the PTr and Hope to join forces. There is nothing new. We still have an agreement in principle to face the municipal elections together,” he said.

And Paul Bérenger revealed that he met Navin Ramgoolam on Thursday. He explained his reasons to me. But we also discussed current events in general,” said the MMM leader, who also indicated that Xavier-Luc Duval and Nando Bodha are returning to the country this week. As a result, he will meet them on Wednesday.

Paul Bérenger also returned to what he said on Nando Bodha. “I said and I maintain that Nando Bodha is perfectly qualified to be a good Prime Minister. But I also said that we will see in due course. In due course, whether it is in alliance or not, we will decide who will be presented as Prime Minister in the general election,” he said.

Bérenger denounces ‘mafia rule’ in Champ de Mars

Referring to the recent events at Champ de Mars, including the sabotage of the runway, Paul Bérenger said that we are witnessing a “real mafia rule”. For him, the MSM is primarily responsible for this situation. He said that he has a lot of doubt that the police and the CCID will be able to complete this investigation. In the same vein, he expressed his anger at Pravind Jugnauth’s comments that there are black sheep in the police. “He is the last person qualified to talk about black sheep in the police. He himself is surrounded by rotten rooks,” he said. And he added that only small fish are caught in the net… Never the big sharks!

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