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Student Kills 50-Year-Old Woman While Driving Father’s Cab

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Eighty. This is the number of deaths in road accidents since the beginning of this year. Sapnah Neela Puran, born Mudhoo, 51 years old is the latest victim to be added to this list in the evening of Friday, October 7. The woman who was in her backyard with her 16 year old son and 70 year old mother was hit head on by a cab driving a 19 year old student near the Sweet Temptation bakery on Royal Road in White Mountain. The cab was owned by the young driver’s father.  Sapnah Puran was pronounced dead shortly thereafter at the Dr. Bruno Cheong Hospital in Flacq. The autopsy performed on his body on Tuesday, October 8, attributed his death to a rupture of the liver.

The police station of Montagne-Blanche was called at about 9:40 p.m. on Friday, October 7, for an accident in this village. Three members of a family who were standing in their yard on the left side of the Royal Road were hit by a white Suzuki cab. The car was driven by a young man of the locality and aged 19 years stopped thereafter against the wall of a snack bar at about twenty meters away.  The young man, who does not have a cab driver’s license, had just obtained his car driver’s license.

The two women who were seriously injured were unconscious. They were evacuated to the Flacq hospital by volunteers as well as the driver of the car and the 16 year old boy. Neela Puran did not survive her injuries. Her mother, Cooshmaotee Mudhoo, was transferred to the northern hospital for a CT scan after receiving treatment. She was later returned to Flacq Hospital where she was admitted. Her condition is considered stable. Krishna Neela Puran, the son of the 50 year old was able to return home after receiving treatment. The driver of the car was given a breathalyzer test which was negative. He was admitted to the hospital in Flacq and placed under police surveillance. Sapnah Puran was separated from her husband and lived with her only son with his mother in White Mountain.

The autopsy on the body of Sapnah Puran was performed this Saturday morning, October 8, at the Victoria Hospital morgue in Candos by Dr. Sudesh Kumar Gungadin, head of the police forensic department. He attributed the death of the 50-year-old to a ruptured liver.

According to police information at the time of this accident, the cab came from Quartier-Militaire and headed to Lesur, Sebastopol. An investigation was opened to know the exact circumstances of this accident.

The funeral of Sapnah Puran is scheduled for this Saturday, October 8 at 16 hours. She was subsequently cremated in Montagne-Blanche.

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