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New Development In The Case Of The 20 Kilos Of Hashish, Worth Over Rs 60 Million In Choisy

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On the run for several weeks, two of the five suspects handed themselves in to police at Casernes Centrales on Wednesday February 7, accompanied by their lawyer, Me Veeriah.

Jean Donifan Forlan Verloppe, 21, and Jean Johnnie Minerve, 22, two residents of Le Morne, suspected of being part of a major drug distribution network in the south of the country, have ended their run.  Presented in court, they have been provisionally charged with drug trafficking. The police objected to their release, and the two men were returned to police cells.

Drug trafficking Worth Over Rs 60 Million In Choisy

On December 29, 2023, in Choisy, Chamarel, an operation by ASP Jagai’s Special Striking Team led to the impressive discovery of Rs 60 million worth of hashish in a wooded area. That day, the confrontation with the traffickers was worthy of an action movie. Shots were fired at the police to prevent them from approaching their secret cache. But this approach failed to intimidate the officers, who were determined to put an end to their activities. However, the alleged suspects who were standing guard fled, leaving behind two 12-gauge firearms, ammunition and the 20 kgs of hashish.

Firearms seized in Choisy

Several police units were immediately mobilized to track them down. The investigation began with the arrest of the first suspect, Louis Ersley Venus, alias GOF, a 31-year-old plumber who also lived in Le Morne. He voluntarily turned himself in to SST headquarters with his lawyer, Me Mooroongapillay, on Wednesday January 17. In his defense, he stated that he had no connection with the drug affair. It should be noted that his DNA was not detected on the exhibits. He was provisionally released on Wednesday February 7, subject to strict conditions. These included remaining at the disposal of investigators for the duration of the investigation, visiting the Le Morne police station three times a week to report his presence, providing bail of Rs 50,000 and signing an IOU for Rs 100,000.

Two suspects are still at large. The investigation continues.

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