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National Crisis Committee : No Major Damage, According To The PM

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No major damage“, was the summary of the Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth’s post-Batsirai assessment as the Chairman of the National Crisis Committee on Wednesday afternoon. The majority of the heavy damage was seen in the northern part of the country, in Port Louis and the Plaines Wilhems areas. Ministers Anwar Husnoo and Leela Devi Dookun Lutchoomun were also part of the meeting.

Batsirai Cyclone

The PM’s review follows reports from the NEOC, police, fire brigade, health department, among others. In his review of the cyclone situation which is on its way out of our country, “Except for falling branches, trees, electricity pylons, there is no major damage in many areas. We will have to assess the agricultural sector’s state before a statement”, he said.

Currently, 165 shelter centres are open across the country and 138 persons have joined them, where the majority is from Tranquebar. “The priority remains to clear the roads so that the CEB and CWA staff can do what is needed,” the PM said.  It is estimated that 7,500 households are still without power but that reconnection will be gradual until Thursday 03rd February. Reservoirs are estimated to be more than 80% full, but the interruption in some areas could continue due to accumulations of water and sludge.

Batsirai Cyclone

On the other hand, as attested by the Prime Minister, the majority of sectors are not greatly affected by the cyclone and work can resume normally, if the Class 4 is not maintained as well as operations at the airport! “The weather service has done a great job, even if it is not easy to determine the trajectory of a cyclone. Meteorology is not an exact science, but the predictions have been right” he said. According to the weather forecast, Batsirai Class 4 warning will be removed.

Pravind Jugnauth has assured that everything necessary will be done as soon as possible to restore the situation. He has appealed to the population’s understanding and reminded us that “some people are working despite the intense cyclonic conditions and are currently on the ground. We must take this into consideration and not put their lives in danger,” he concluded.

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