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MV Wakashio : The Captain, Who Has Been Sentenced To 20 Months Of Imprisonment, Is To Be Released From Jail

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Indian, Sunil Kumar Nandeshwar and Sri Lankan, Hitihanillage Subhoda Janendra Tilakaratna, the Captain and Vice Captain of the Japanese ship, MV Wakashio, have been sentenced to 20 months of imprisonment. Both have been found guilty by the Intermediate Court of  Endangering Safe Navigation. The sentence has been given on Monday and it should be remembered that they had both pleaded guilty to the formal charge of endangering safe navigation.

Both men were in charge of the Japanese vessel, MV Wakashio that ran aground on the barrier reef along the south-east coast of Mauritius on 25 July 2020. Oil leakage started days after the drama. The captain is from Madhya Pradesh, India and is an experienced sailor having travelling from India to Mauritius on several occasions.

Sentenced to 20 months in jail on Monday, the Wakashio captain will nonetheless be released tomorrow. Since he has already spent 16 months in detention, this must be deducted with only 4 months of imprisonment remaining. But given the good conduct of the captain, he has been granted a remission and will be released tomorrow. As for his second-in-command, Chief Officer, Subodha Tilakaratna will leave the prison on 15 January. As a reminder, he was sentenced to 20 months in prison and the same rule will apply to him.

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