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Local Songs: What Do Mauritians Prefer?

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It’s almost the end of 2021. And like every year at this time, the predictions are going well to try to discover the favorite local song of Mauritians. Le Matinal has made its choice in a random order.

Certainly, a cover of the song Casanova by Were Vana, the title Chérie coco by Solda Nast is well on its way to be on the podium.  With sounds that give the tingling in the legs, this hit always makes dance music lovers.

In the same vein, we also find three duets of shocks. For the first one we will evoke this rich collaboration between Désiré François and Jason Heerah on the title Ingra. Accompanied by a superb clip, the track already has 1.7 million views on YouTube. Beware, this track is a serious competitor.

As is also the duet between the late Lin and Désiré François. Indeed, the song Pa gagne nou traka will certainly have its say in the battle. Moreover, in the category of duets of shock, how not to evoke the one between Linzy Bacbotte and Elijah on Mootia. Very popular, these two artists could well make the difference if their fans decide to vote massively for them.

Now the game is even tighter with the other regulars of the contest. Starting with Blakkayo and his hit Mo solo which appears on the album Soz Serye. Once again, the general has not yet said his last word. Ditto for Bigg Frankii with his song Nacho. The mix between sega and oriental music has left no one indifferent.

Among the female voices, everything suggests that it will be played between Kouto Moussana of Laura Beg and Monn Love of Cindia Amerally. Although they offer two different styles, both artists could just as well create a surprise.

The newcomers have as well their chance. We will mention here artists like Olivier Sirop with Déroulement lamour or Msy with the song Pa dir mwa chérie.

Now it’s up to you to vote…

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