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MSM Press Conference: Avinash Teeluck Condemns Politicisation Of Incidents At La Citadelle

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The government press conference was hosted by ministers Avinash Teeluck and Bobby Hurreeram on Saturday, October 28. Among the subjects discussed were the incidents at La Citadelle, the CSG fund and the attitude of members of the Opposition.

The meeting was opened by Avinash Teeluck. He condemned the incidents of Saturday October 21. As Minister of Arts and Cultural Heritage, he protested these acts. He recalled that Pravind Jugnauth had done the same. The government will not tolerate those who want to jeopardize national unity,” he said.

The Minister found it unfortunate and shameful that these incidents are being politicized to excess, especially by members of the opposition. He then condemned their actions and words.

For him, the members of the Opposition want to destabilize the government. But we continue our work in spite of difficult situations,” said Minister Teeluck.

Communique - Commisioner police - La Citadelle

Another aspect of this press conference was the attitude of members of the Opposition in Parliament. All they want to do is make trouble,” he maintains. He added that neither the government nor the intelligence services could be blamed for the incidents at La Citadelle.

But what is certain is that those involved will face justice,” said Minister Teeluck.

For his part, Public Infrastructures Minister Bobby Hurreeram pointed the finger at Arvin Boolell’s comments on the CSG. In his view, the red member of parliament had chosen to engage in demagoguery and sow doubts in the minds of the population. For Bobby Hurreeram, the PTR leader has failed to understand that the CSG has raised 25 billion rupees in three years. This is what has enabled the government to help the most vulnerable in our society, and to pay for the increase in the old-age pension. If we didn’t have the CSG, how would we have done it?

As far as he’s concerned, everything is clear about how the CSG works. There’s nothing to reproach this pension fund for.

Bobby Hurreeram also criticized the attitude of members of the Opposition to the incidents at La Citadelle. He stated that we are a united country, and it is out of the question to let certain people jeopardize our harmony. We won’t let two or three hotheads light the communal fire for personal gain.

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