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Arsenal Tragedy: “Lessons To Be Learned” Says Minister Bobby Hurreeram

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The tragedy at Arsenal was one of the topics commented on. Culture Minister Avinash Teeluck said that not only the Task Force on Maha Shivratree but also socio-cultural organizations had advised pilgrims not to build huge kanwars. He added that with the tragedy that has occurred, it is high time to review the security aspect of the Maha Shivaratree pilgrimage in 2025. He insisted that the government would soon start work on this.

The Minister for National Infrastructure, Bobby Hurreeram, commented on the A1-M1 viaduct.

He added that the SAJ bridge will save 38 minutes on the Coramandel – Soreze journey. He also announced that the new road will be inaugurated by the Prime Minister tomorrow, March 10.

Avinash Teeluck also recalled that the government had imposed directives since last year following the incident that occurred during the pilgrimage to the sacred lake. A number of recommendations and directives had been issued in consultation with all the authorities concerned, i.e. socio-cultural associations and several local institutions, notably on the dimensions of the Kanwars, the arrangements to be made, restrictions and the materials to be used, among others. The Minister pointed out that these regulations had been drawn up and put in place to ensure the safety of pilgrims.

Unfortunately, another tragedy has occurred. As a result, he says, the government will be looking into the matter again with the relevant players to see how best to educate pilgrims, so that this situation never happens again.

Turning to the celebrations for the 56th anniversary of our Independence, the Minister of Arts and Cultural Heritage recalled that this year, after four years, the country will once again celebrate this event at the Champ de Mars, as tradition dictates. Avinash Teeluck appealed to Mauritians to turn out in large numbers for the celebrations, which start at 2pm.

For his part, Bobby Hurreeram called for greater responsibility and restraint. He added, “Certainly we have a job to do in raising awareness and we’re not in a blame game, and there are lessons to be learned.”

The Infrastructure Minister then turned to the inauguration of the new infrastructure built at Agaléga. He was keen to respond to the “palaver” that the government should have built houses and other structures there, instead of the jetty and airstrip, which would have better helped Agalegans in their daily lives. Bobby Hurreeram said that without this infrastructure, it would be difficult to bring materials to the archipelago.

Minister Hurreeram recalled that the great Soreze viaduct will be inaugurated this Sunday, March 10. For him, this infrastructure, which is an architectural and technical feat, is part of the decongestion plan initiated by the PM. He went on to say that several roads, footbridges and other projects have been built to improve traffic flow on our roads.

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