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Minimum Salary Raised At Rs 15 000. The Minimum Guaranteed Salary Increased To Rs 17 000.

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The announcement was made by the Minister of Labour this Friday. The Minimum Salary is being increased to Rs 15 000 as at 1st January 2024, Soodesh Callichurn said.

Minister Callichurn highlighted that, additionally to this increase, the Social Contribution (CSG) Income Allowance of Rs 2,000 will enable a person to have a Guaranteed Minimum Revenue of Rs 17,000 each month. To date, he pointed out, some 141,700 workers from public and private sectors are concerned by this measure.

He recalled that the Russia-Ukraine conflict affected the world and has a direct impact on the purchasing power of citizens. As such, Government has taken and is still implementing a series of measures to support the population, he reassured.

Furthermore, the Minister emphasised that Government, in collaboration with the Mauritius Revenue Authority, has devised a mechanism to support businesses which encounter difficulties to pay the increased National Monthly Minimum Wage to their employees.

He also remarked that the quantum of salary compensation, which will be applicable as from 01 January 2024, will be determined by next week.

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